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Should a ScrumMaster Do Performance Appraisals for the Development Team?

A ScrumMaster recently asked me if he should take over responsibility for year-end performance evaluations, since he was closer to the work than the functional manager for the team. It's not the first time I've heard this question, and as more companies begin to use Scrum, I'm sure I'll hear it again. . . .

Plan-Driven Versus Value-Driven Development

The plan-driven model has been effective for projects in many industries. The world of software engineering, however, is relatively new . . . and when we attempted to apply this model to the world of software it was less successful. . . .

A Healthy Daily Scrum

During the transition of a company from the traditional method to Scrum, we faced a lot of problems in changing the culture and mind-set of the development team, due to their long-term dependence on command and control as used in the traditional way. The symptoms of this problem were clear in their attitude during meetings. . . .

Success Story: Sailing Through the Perfect Storm with Scrum

A high-profile software development project supporting a critical business imperative had been sitting on the shelf for a few months. It was awaiting a new crew to take ownership and successfully sail it to its destination. . . .

Key Elements of the Sprint Retrospective

In the sprint retrospective, the team discusses the just-concluded sprint and determines what could be changed that might make the next sprint more productive. The sprint review looks at what the team is building, whereas the retrospective looks at how they are building it.

Two-Layered Scrum for Large IT Organizations

Large IT organizations with several business initiatives and multiple projects being executed in parallel require agility and collaboration at two levels: the project level, which is always where it starts; and the application level, which is often overlooked or at least not well defined. . . .


It takes time for a Scrum team to reach the high-performing stage. But you, as ScrumMaster, can compress that time. How?

A ScrumMasters' CoP Start-Up

The use of communities of practice is an integral part of an Agile organization. Highly functioning communities, with clear vision, autonomy, and focus, can become an important component in sustaining your transformation to Agility and the engine for continuous process improvement.

Agile Coaching

If you are an Agile coach, more often than not your client knows very little about the end state where you want your teams to be before you sign off. So what are some of the things that you as an Agile coach should be doing as you land in an alien world, and what are some of the things that can potentially help create a solid foundation for an Agile adoption and transformation that make agility a way of life?

Accountability in Scrum

Accountability is a very important concept in Scrum. Most people don't really understand what it is. In fact, there isn't even a word for it in many languages. . . .

DevOps and Agile

DevOps and Agile complement each other to deploy working functionality into production faster. This article focuses on a subset of DevOps philosophy in the context of Agile development and highlights the key considerations for DevOps and Agile to coexist for expedited delivery. . . .

Thursday, the Best Day to Kick Off Your New Sprint

A lot of projects follow Scrum. There is often debate about which day to start a new sprint. . . . Here are a few important points to consider before choosing your sprint start day.

A Case for User Stories

One of the basic principles of Agile development is customer involvement in the project. The customer or user of the software is the single entity that provides what every Agile development team should most seek: customer satisfaction. . . .

Make Flowers!

Have you been hampered by the challenge of explaining how to do story point estimation to people who have for years done estimation using number of hours or man-days? Do you find it difficult to understand story point estimation and release planning in story points? Learn to make flowers with me, and I will teach you story point estimation and release planning!

Risk and Issue Management in the Scrum Process

A risk is an uncertain event that could impact your chosen path should it be realized. Risks are events that are not currently affecting you -- they haven't happened yet. Once a risk is realized, it has the potential to become an issue. . . .

Agile Emergency Management System

This is a test of the Agile Emergency Management System. This is only a test. If this were an actual Agile emergency, this message would be followed by instructions based on the severity of the actual Agile emergency. This is only a test. . . .

Agile Waterfall

Complete transformation from Waterfall to Agile is very difficult, as it involves a drastic change of mind-set and culture on the part of the individuals involved. It is easier to apply minute changes rather than huge ones, so I am proposing a middle path, one where instead of drastic moves we are looking at small changes that nonetheless lead toward Agile.

Performance Management Using Scrum

Scrum is widely used in the software industry today for the execution of projects. This paper uses the elements of Scrum and gives direction on extending the Scrum framework to conduct performance management. . . .