Scrum Alliance

Distributed Retrospectives

When people are distributed geographically across various locations, doing the inspect-and-adapt cycle, i.e., the retrospective ceremony of the sprint, becomes a bit challenging. . . .

Linking Project Management Methods and Frameworks

There are various project management methods, such as PMP, Prince2, Lean, Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC), Agile, etc. . . . This article outlines the similarities and potential linkages between the methods at a high level so that a project can deliver the best output (and outcome).

Agile Poem

A poem for Agile practitioners. . . .

One Story Point = One Person Day?

While making a decision about investing in an IT project, one of the key elements in the business that a sponsor would look for is the effort estimate. Typically, the expectation would be that the effort is estimated in terms of number of person hours. . . .

Agile and the Organizational Ecosystem

While a strong statement of support from the CEO will pave the way for successful change efforts, significant work is required to make those change efforts both effective and sustainable. A well-planned approach has to factor in organizational dynamics along with both product and technical management considerations. . . .

Scrum in a Multi-Vendor Environment

Multi-vendor and cultural nuances pose a challenge to assimilating and digesting Scrum values and principles. . . . The fundamental Agile values of openness and transparency take a hit.

Scrum and Obamacare

Why did the federal and state governments, on something as high profile as health care reform, decide to use Waterfall, a risky 40-year-old process, to manage the delivery of health insurance exchanges?

Agile Fall Zones

There can be a number of reasons for failure when implementing Agile. In my experience, the following are the major ones. . . .

Software Development Methods: A War-Strategy Perspective

The history of humankind offers lots of remarkable ideas and innovations in strategy and tactics. There has been no area where people showed more inventiveness than in defending themselves or attacking and conquering others. This article brings forward similarities between war strategies and software development methods. . . .

Linking Decision-Making Models with the Cynefin Framework

As a ScrumMaster/Agile coach, at times I find making decisions in groups (or making groups make decisions) rather difficult, particularly in meetings where the decisions are made at the end by impatient, tired people. . . .

A Mitigation Plan for a Product Owner's Anti-Pattern

[Some] software projects, especially maintenance projects, normally do not have full-time product owners . . . sometimes there is more than one product owner. This article aims to showcase a mitigation plan that can be handy and effective in overcoming Scrum violations in the product owner's case.

An Insight into Joint Retrospectives

This article talks about joint retrospectives -- why they are needed, who participates, when and where they are held, how they are handled, and their benefits and challenges.