Scrum Alliance

Agile Poem

A poem for Agile practitioners. . . .

Scrum and Obamacare

Why did the federal and state governments, on something as high profile as health care reform, decide to use Waterfall, a risky 40-year-old process, to manage the delivery of health insurance exchanges?

A Mitigation Plan for a Product Owner's Anti-Pattern

[Some] software projects, especially maintenance projects, normally do not have full-time product owners . . . sometimes there is more than one product owner. This article aims to showcase a mitigation plan that can be handy and effective in overcoming Scrum violations in the product owner's case.

An Insight into Joint Retrospectives

This article talks about joint retrospectives -- why they are needed, who participates, when and where they are held, how they are handled, and their benefits and challenges.

7 Mistakes During the Daily Stand-up Meeting

A couple of days back, a team member from a different Scrum team was complaining in the Scrum of Scrums that the daily stand-up meeting was a waste of time. . . .

Estimation First Aid from a Scrum Believer

This is the "first-aid kit" of my friend, who is an advanced consultant at a fast-growing IT consultancy. These are tips and tricks he discussed with me for helping teams that are struggling to deal with "time addiction."