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Hybrid Agile Versus Agile

As a test and Agile consultant, I have come to realize the limitations of working in a supposedly "Agile" environment -- an environment some call "Hybrid" but that could be used to deliver business value incrementally, if properly coordinated.

Testing in Software Development

Testing is a vital part of software development. So why do we commonly call coders "software developers," but we don't call testers that as well?

Moving Past "I Don't Know"

After we've reached a place of acknowledging we don't know something and are less sure than we were just a moment before, where do we go from there? It's an important question, because if you don't have an answer, you're open to trouble.

A Story About User Stories

I'm sure you've heard about user stories plenty of times. Hold your breath -- I'm going to tell you what they really are and how they are intended to be used!

Agile Metrics and Business Value

Many business leaders ask about Agile's benefits and business impact. Metrics other than the burn-down chart and the velocity of the team need to be identified. Let's look at some of the common metrics that can be collected during an Agile project.

Call Them Ceremonies

I have been doing Scrum training for the past few years, and sometimes I get this question from class participants: "Why in Scrum do we call it a ceremony and not a meeting?"

Sprint Retrospective Meetings

The sprint retrospective event is, in my opinion, the most important event in Scrum. Of course I did not invent it, but I do perform the event a little differently than most.

The Power of Simple Metaphors

We all know the power of a good metaphor. Some of us who work as change agents and evangelists in the Agile world will appreciate the use of metaphors more than others. Thanks to my wife, I now have a really good metaphor for Little's law.

New to Scrum?

People have asked me, "What are the basic requirements for implementing Scrum?" Here are my points for beginners.

The Balance Monster

I am convinced of this truth: Continuous improvement isn't a target but a journey.

What an Agile Contract Looks Like

You just got a project, and you need to work with an outside consulting firm. How do you know the consulting firm is really running Agile/Scrum? Not Waterfall or Water-Scrum-Fall or Scrum-But?

Bad Team or Bad PO?

One day, a new ScrumMaster -- I'll call him Jack -- came to see me. "Hey, Joe," he said. "You know, sometimes I think Waterfall is better for a cross-functional team." . . .

Active Product Management

Even after embracing Agile, some organizations still struggle to release software to customers as per their commitments. Here is an approach to help.

Earned Business Value

Have you ever wondered why there are a lot of scrutiny and checkpoints on IT programs and projects? Because there's an investment involved.

Deciding the Size of a User Story

Often teams struggle with picking the right-sized user story. Teams should involve the product owner and negotiate the feature if it ends up being too complex.

Scrum in Construction

I recently used Scrum outside of technology, for a construction project. Here is how I implemented Scrum roles and used ceremonies, along with the benefits realized.