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No More Free Lunches

It's easy to take [a] team out to an event and get them involved in doing activities together, or engage them in team-building exercises where they have to work together to achieve a goal, but to really get the team to come together and care for one another is not easily orchestrated. . . . Please read my tale of a team event when we stumbled upon exactly what we had needed.

Scrum Is Simple but Not Easy

I often encounter teams who follow the rituals and processes of Scrum to some degree but do not really understand why they are doing it, nor grasp the power Scrum affords the development of a product. . . .

How to Become a Certified Scrum Hijacker

So you have been trying your best to subvert the institutionalization of Scrum in your team or organization and have been seeing little success. Here are 25 surefire ways, any permutation of which will help you succeed in your endeavor and also get you certified as a ScrumMaster Hijacker.

The Servant Leader

In this article I would like to present my opinions on what being a servant leader means, specifically as applied to Scrum. . . . I would like to invite the forum to comment and/or critique my views with an intent to discuss and learn from each other.

“Oh, No, Not Another Meeting!”

Meetings are important not only as an opportunity to bring teams together but also as a way to avoid unnecessary time loss and costly rework. However, if not properly conducted, they tend to become time-consuming and unproductive. . . .

Breaking Down the Agile Manifesto

Today Agile frameworks are being implemented by a wide variety of organizations. They often begin applying frameworks such as Scrum without fully integrating the principles behind the Agile Manifesto into their culture.

Scrum Communication

I hope I have your attention on this topic -- you know how important it is in communication to have everyone paying attention, listening, and reading from a context perspective!

The Significance of Release Retrospectives

Although not part of Scrum, the basic idea of doing a release retrospective is to review and evaluate an entire release, which spans multiple sprints, for getting a higher-level picture . . .

Financially Positioning an Agile Transformation

The Internet revolution has made the IT industry grow faster, and die faster too. Any organization that survives must have good judgment regarding finances. However, it is tricky to align Agile implementation to revenue growth, because the ROI can never be that linear.

Write Stories with Happy Endings

Be honest and tell me if you have seen user stories that read something like this: "As a team member, I want to finish coding module XYZ so that it can be tested by the continuous integration team." If I were a developer, I would have a very hard time understanding why I should be writing this code.

Prioritizing Product Backlogs

What are the criteria for product backlogs to get short-listed for prioritization? Is it only the business priority? Think again.

Scaling Agility Beyond IT

Many established organizations lack the maturity to tackle agility and continuous delivery in its true spirit, not realizing that they have to radically revolutionize themselves at frequent intervals just to stay relevant. . . .

Product Backlog Refinement

In Scrum there is no formal event that covers the refinement of the product backlog. . . .

Starting and Stopping in Scrum

When projects are undertaken using Scrum, there often is the tendency to feel compelled to do everything in an accelerated manner, and this extends to taking on multiple tasks while previous ones have not yet been completed. This is not the way to approach Scrum.

The Significance of Agile Metrics

A lack of understanding of, or attention toward, Agile metrics can result in the product development process being less successful than it could be.

Project View Versus Product View

This article highlights why it is essential for an Agile team to develop a "product view" to deliver the benefits of Agileto the business. It also explores a few ideas to enable the product view.

Waterfall to Agile

In my view, there can be two possible ways to implement Scrum/Agile at the team level. . .  .

It’s Time to Check CQ

Soon [CQ] is going to be a crucial factor to be considered when recruiting a person for an Agile position, along with IQ and EQ.