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Rapid Deployment in an ERP Environment

This paper suggests different approaches to speed up ERP implementations and support based on scope of work, standard package fit, and organization readiness.

Agile Test Automation

Agile test automation is the application of the Agile development principles to test automation. Accordingly, there are some principles of Agile test automation. . . .

The Pursuit of Enterprise Agility

More than a decade of coaching and training several large organizations on all things Agile has led me to believe that achieving enterprise agility begins with asking the right questions. . . .

The Value of Scrum to Organizations

Despite numerous anecdotal claims of Scrum successes in many parts of the world, a lack of empirical evidence exists. . . .

Automation and Virtualization

Imagine a scenario in which millions of check-ins are happening every day. One of the main bottlenecks . . .  for such organizations is the inability to make testable builds available as quickly as possible. . . . This is the biggest challenge holding them back from timely delivery of working software to customers.

The ScrumMaster's Courage to Be Weird

Often, we need one person to be "weird" to protect the team. I believe it's the duty of the ScrumMaster to be weird in order to save the team from distractions and to educate everybody on various aspects of the system. I would like to discuss a few of these "weird" but important tasks that a ScrumMaster should perform.

Helping Offshore and Onshore Teams Work Together

The theme of this story is a struggle to understand an offshore QA team's working patterns, and how I worked with both the onshore and offshore teams to overcome this problem.

Finishing All Tasks

Sometimes it is apparent in software projects that not all the tasks have been completed when the sprint ends. . . . Here is list of some things that might help all of us achieve a much better outcome in our next product increment.

Selecting a Sprint Length for Your Project

When organizations are new to Agile -- or even after they've been practicing Agile for a while -- they often struggle to decide on the duration of a sprint or an iteration.

Scrum Adaptation in Clinical Data Management Practice

Agile project management is an attempt to make the process of software development better and more effective, and it has seen increasing popularity and success. Agile project management has also reached the clinical research industry as a need of the hour.

The PMI Process Versus the Scrum Framework

Scrum and the PMI (Project Management Institute) process are two frameworks that enable software project teams to build complex products based on a well-organized and empirical process. . . .

The Misinterpreted Developer

The term "developer" became so popular in the last decade that it became a synonym for "programmer." That's no surprise, given the way programmers welcomed the tag. However, "developer" has a broader sense in Scrum teams.

The Idea and Rationale of Sprint Zero

Sprint Zero allows developers to get acquainted with the work at hand, evaluate the available information, get clarifications, and communicate with clients, which helps prepare a mind-set about how to deliver the project.

Is User Role Modeling Really Required?

Any business requirement that needs to be formulated in user stories can be best justified if the writer knows the user roles for which the requirement will be mapped. To identify users, user role modeling is important.


When I teach Scrum courses, there is always a common question: "What does the acronym S.C.R.U.M. mean?"

Test-Driven Development Surveillance

In this post, I'm sharing my encounters with different teams and their understanding of TDD. It's surprising to find that lots of wrong interpretations are still fairly common in the industry.

The Power of a Whiteboard During Meetings

In Scrum meetings, participation of team members, and specifically participating together, is important. At times, however, participation is not balanced in a meeting. . . .

Key Takeaways from a CSM Workshop

I recently attended a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) workshop. I would like to share the key takeaways from the workshop. . . .