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The Misinterpreted Developer

The term "developer" became so popular in the last decade that it became a synonym for "programmer." That's no surprise, given the way programmers welcomed the tag. However, "developer" has a broader sense in Scrum teams.

Finishing All Tasks

Sometimes it is apparent in software projects that not all the tasks have been completed when the sprint ends. . . . Here is list of some things that might help all of us achieve a much better outcome in our next product increment.

Scrum Adaptation in Clinical Data Management Practice

Agile project management is an attempt to make the process of software development better and more effective, and it has seen increasing popularity and success. Agile project management has also reached the clinical research industry as a need of the hour.

The Value of Scrum to Organizations

Despite numerous anecdotal claims of Scrum successes in many parts of the world, a lack of empirical evidence exists. . . .

The Pursuit of Enterprise Agility

More than a decade of coaching and training several large organizations on all things Agile has led me to believe that achieving enterprise agility begins with asking the right questions. . . .

The Scrum Retrospective

If a team has one bad iteration or sprint there is no need to panic; the team can use the retrospective meeting to see what needs to be changed, corrected, and improved in the next sprint.

Expect the Behavior You Reward

I am sure you all agree that rewarding an individual or a team is a great step across any platform. With my experience in Agile, I am presenting a case on how deeply we are linked to Agile in our organization and how we assess individuals and reward teams.

Do We Need a Hardening Sprint?

While executing Agile projects, many Scrum teams use a "hardening sprint." . . . This article maintains that a hardening sprint is not a good idea and highlights why.

Rapid Deployment in an ERP Environment

This paper suggests different approaches to speed up ERP implementations and support based on scope of work, standard package fit, and organization readiness.

Agile Test Automation

Agile test automation is the application of the Agile development principles to test automation. Accordingly, there are some principles of Agile test automation. . . .

Dual-Track Scrum

There has been much hype about Dual-Track Scrum, but not much about how it has been put into practice. I hope this post gives you some idea of how the concepts can be applied in your place of work.

Product Backlog Flows

I often find that how work gets from the customer to the team is neglected or poorly understood. I would like to talk about this process and provide a framework for you and your organization to experiment with.

Large-Scale Agile Transformation Approach

I was part of a large-scale Agile transformation recently. It was a great learning experience, and I want to share my experience of the transformation.

A Strategy for Adopting Agile at the Organizational Level

Looking at the increasing adoption rate of Agile and the rate at which organizations are heading toward Agile transformation, it is time to formulate a mechanism and a strategy to enable smooth Agile transitions.

Agile Is Just a Bend, Not the End!

Most of these organizations/teams later talk about the failure of Agile. I have heard many hypotheses about why this project is special and why Agile thinking won't work for this project. If we go a little deeper and examine the situation, we will see that they didn't transform the mind-set of the people involved.

Why Teams Fail During Agile Transformation

Stand-ups happen, burn-down charts are in place -- and suddenly, toward the end of the sprint, things start falling apart. No matter how many times you meet or try to resolve issues, the comeback is never 100 percent. You have failed your sprint.


When it comes to personal improvement, we impulsively and subconsciously follow the process to change and to improve; but when it comes to teams, we struggle to put it all together. . . . It takes a good ScrumMaster and a collaborative team to conduct effective retrospectives.

Pulse Check: Product Owner Disappearance Syndrome (PODS)

Your project is suffering from PODS -- Product Owner Disappearance Syndrome -- when the availability and commitment of the product owner is not enough to help teams complete the planned deliverables on time.