Scrum Alliance

Pair Programming

Pair programming? Two people staring at one PC screen, using one keyboard and one mouse? Why would companies hire two individuals to work on the same thing?

The Psychology of Agile

When we analyze traditional Waterfall application development projects post-release, it is easy to see that, not too long into the development life cycle, team productivity plateaus and eventually declines. Agile works differently. . . .

Estimation and Uncertainty

I want to propose a new visual paradigm for depicting uncertainty in a project using Scrum.

Who Am I?

I am Waterfall. You must have read a lot about me and have probably used or may still be using my method in your projects. I have lived a very fascinating life.

Aggressively Agile

While I generally use a soft touch when helping teams transition from Waterfall development to practicing Scrum, I sometimes have to aggressively help a development team embrace the basics of Scrum. . . .

Understanding DevOps

One buzzword has been widely misunderstood by many, and that is DevOps.

The ScrumMaster in the servant-leader role

When we look at all aspects of the servant and leadership styles in Agile, we come to the point where we see that the ScrumMaster is the perfect role for servant leadership.

Peer Feedback

There is a lot of scope for any Scrum team to experiment with its activities. One such experiment can be peer feedback.

Improving Company Culture Through Scrum Values

Culture cannot be built. You can only focus on creating the right conditions for it to flourish. Culture plays a big part in how people perceive and go about their work, and it is a fundamental piece of a successful Agile transformation.

Do Not End Your Retrospectives with an Action Plan

A team that commits to an action plan and then executes it could be continuously improving. However, such teams have mentioned to me that they feel that they don't improve or that their retrospectives aren't helping. What's going on?

Scrum Teams Can Be Inspired by Mother

Ever since I started working in Agile, I have been observing my wife's way of working and how she manages our kids' dynamic expectations. I keep seeing ways to correlate her methods to Agile.

Agile Planning: Backlog Management

Prioritizing the backlog is very important -- but the question is why it is important and how it helps in making a quality deliverable for customers.

Lean Retrospectives

Retrospectives play a very important role, as they are that specifically planned time when the team talks about the feed-forward mechanism, looking at areas of improvements for forthcoming sprints.