Scrum Alliance

Definition of Done at Two Levels

Though teams are often confused about the DoD at various levels of a project, there are two fairly simple checklists to follow at the levels of tasks and of product backlog items.

Reducing Technical Debt

How do organizations balance releasing the best product against meeting time-to-market need? In other words, what's the best way to deal with technical debt?

Office Space Becomes Agile War Room

It's worth considering the practical aspects of your office setup if you want to improve the performance of your Agile team.

Agile Program Management

There are disadvantages to traditional program management, but Agile can bridge the gap between the business strategy and project execution.

When Backlog Items Are Finished Too Early

When our team finished a project early, we picked up and completed more backlog items. Stakeholders were delighted -- but it led to problems I hadn't foreseen.

How Job Hopping Affects Agile Teams

At a recent conference, I had the good fortune to interact with many talented developers -- and what I learned about many of them caught my attention.

Pair Programming

Pair programming is probably the most famous practice of XP -- whether you are a fan or not. It reminds me of the Marmite food spread: You either love it or hate it. . . .

Is Agile the Best Fit for Your Organization?

Organizations often jump on the Agile bandwagon just because other organizations are doing well in this area. My first question to senior leadership is, "Why Agile?" Many times, even they don't know. They respond with a counterquestion: "Why not?"

What Really Is an Agile Coach?

There is an important aspect of being a good Agile coach that is sometimes overlooked. Let's look at the term, why it can create confusion, and the qualities it should encompass.

Understanding the New Contract Mindset

Scrum values can be so different from an organization's old mindset that they don't make sense at first. This is frequently a problem when it comes to contracts.

Why Scrum Is Called Scrum

Almost every time I deliver a session on Scrum, I'm asked this question: Why are the terms used in Scrum so distinctive?

Roads Less Traveled on Agile’s journey

I believe that certain factors are necessary to thoroughly to reap the benefits of Agile, but they are unnoticed or rarely discussed during a project's life cycle.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Scrum Ceremonies

Inspired by Neal Hartman's "Seven Steps to Running the Most Effective Meeting Possible," I thought it might be useful to outline the seven habits of highly effective Scrum ceremonies for those of us practicing Scrum.

Success Through Relationships

Our client was getting frustrated by working with us as a distributed team -- until we made the right changes.

Quality: What Does It Really Mean?

Over the course of my career, I've found that quality is much more than what the data from test reports can reveal.

Eat the Agile Elephant

Let's be clear: Agile is here to stay. And because it's not an easy transition, it's best to take it in small steps.

What Really Is Feedback in Agile?

"Best practices" and "feedback" are interesting and important concepts in Agile, which I'll explore here.