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When it comes to personal improvement, we impulsively and subconsciously follow the process to change and to improve; but when it comes to teams, we struggle to put it all together. . . . It takes a good ScrumMaster and a collaborative team to conduct effective retrospectives.

Pulse Check: Product Owner Disappearance Syndrome (PODS)

Your project is suffering from PODS -- Product Owner Disappearance Syndrome -- when the availability and commitment of the product owner is not enough to help teams complete the planned deliverables on time.

Keeping Agile Retrospectives Lively

Do we really handle retrospectives in the way we are supposed to? . . . Retrospectives run the risk of becoming repetitive and boring, especially when (in the case of weekly sprints) they are conducted week after week.

How Tools Are Helpful in Automation Testing

There are lots of tools and different types of frameworks available for using Agile in automation testing. Here we are going to look at QTP and SpecFlow integrated with Selenium or WatiN tools. . . .

Failure: The Proudest Moment

There will always be memorable moments: post-sprint or project-wrap pizza parties, baby showers for team members (and their significant others), promotion celebrations, weddings, and going-aways. But how many truly proud moments are there?

Do We Really Need a ScrumMaster?

In the six years that I have worked as a ScrumMaster, I've often been asked if my role is truly essential, and why it should be considered an independent role within the Scrum team. "Why can't the dev manager also perform as the ScrumMaster? Or one of the developers? Or a QA tech?"

Distributed Agile Development in the Indian IT Service Industry

Traditional approaches to offshore development are based on plan-driven methods with big-bang deliveries. Now, in the new age of Agile development practices, this needs to be adjusted to support faster delivery cycles and enable a highly collaborative environment for multi-site, multi-vendor development teams -- a big challenge.

Be Patient, Be Persistent

I read this quote again today: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." . . . This statement has impacted me very deeply.

AGrEE Scrum Bridge

In terms of the service industry, while we collaborate with multiple customers, we learn to adapt and implement processes that can bring cohesiveness to teams. In many scenarios, however, we face challenges in understanding the current processes already in place for a customer.

Rapid Deployment in an ERP Environment

This paper suggests different approaches to speed up ERP implementations and support based on scope of work, standard package fit, and organization readiness.

Do We Need a Hardening Sprint?

While executing Agile projects, many Scrum teams use a "hardening sprint." . . . This article maintains that a hardening sprint is not a good idea and highlights why.

Agile Test Automation

Agile test automation is the application of the Agile development principles to test automation. Accordingly, there are some principles of Agile test automation. . . .

The Pursuit of Enterprise Agility

More than a decade of coaching and training several large organizations on all things Agile has led me to believe that achieving enterprise agility begins with asking the right questions. . . .

The Value of Scrum to Organizations

Despite numerous anecdotal claims of Scrum successes in many parts of the world, a lack of empirical evidence exists. . . .

Order Your Product Backlog

Here are some guidelines I would like to recommend for when you are ordering your backlog.

Automation and Virtualization

Imagine a scenario in which millions of check-ins are happening every day. One of the main bottlenecks . . .  for such organizations is the inability to make testable builds available as quickly as possible. . . . This is the biggest challenge holding them back from timely delivery of working software to customers.

The ScrumMaster's Courage to Be Weird

Often, we need one person to be "weird" to protect the team. I believe it's the duty of the ScrumMaster to be weird in order to save the team from distractions and to educate everybody on various aspects of the system. I would like to discuss a few of these "weird" but important tasks that a ScrumMaster should perform.

Helping Offshore and Onshore Teams Work Together

The theme of this story is a struggle to understand an offshore QA team's working patterns, and how I worked with both the onshore and offshore teams to overcome this problem.

Finishing All Tasks

Sometimes it is apparent in software projects that not all the tasks have been completed when the sprint ends. . . . Here is list of some things that might help all of us achieve a much better outcome in our next product increment.