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T-Shaped Skills

Often I am asked by new Scrum teams transforming to Agile how a tester could provide estimates for coding a feature/task, or how a programmer could provide estimates for the tester's job. This is not easy, but in Scrum teams this happens -- and happens successfully!


Timeboxing is common in software development, for instance when you are managing projects. In fact, timeboxing is critical in Scrum.

Team Agreements

A Scrum team is expected to deliver right from the first sprint. Thus the need for formulating team agreements arises at an early stage.

How to Be a Good Agile Trainer (and Learner)

Do you have disengaged participants in your training class? Sometimes you have hecklers. The worst, apathetic observers! Sorry, that's not the worst. . . .

How Our Company Became More Personal by Using Stand-ups

When I first started working for my company, we had recently doubled in size over the previous year. The partners recognized that being larger made it more difficult for individuals to know what was happening across different parts of the company.

Pair Programming

Pair programming? Two people staring at one PC screen, using one keyboard and one mouse? Why would companies hire two individuals to work on the same thing?

The Psychology of Agile

When we analyze traditional Waterfall application development projects post-release, it is easy to see that, not too long into the development life cycle, team productivity plateaus and eventually declines. Agile works differently. . . .

The Pavlov Programmer

Recently I remembered my early days as a programmer, and I recall that in those days, our work space was by far not the most attractive. But I must confess that, at least for me and my colleagues at the time, it didn't bother us.

Estimation and Uncertainty

I want to propose a new visual paradigm for depicting uncertainty in a project using Scrum.

Who Am I?

I am Waterfall. You must have read a lot about me and have probably used or may still be using my method in your projects. I have lived a very fascinating life.

Aggressively Agile

While I generally use a soft touch when helping teams transition from Waterfall development to practicing Scrum, I sometimes have to aggressively help a development team embrace the basics of Scrum. . . .

Understanding DevOps

One buzzword has been widely misunderstood by many, and that is DevOps.