Scrum Alliance

Barriers to Change

During an Agile transformation, fear may make failure come true -- an organization may begin to doubt and discredit the changes. 

Object Design with Scrum

A Scrum team should invest sufficient time in design, with the sole purpose of delivering value to the customer. Here are some ways to do this.

Interaction Is the Key to Great Agile Meetings

There are seven styles of learning, but there are two that, when combined, resonate with most people. Interaction, spatial and kinesthetic, is human behavior. This is why my high-performing teams rarely sit during a meeting.

Understanding Coaching

One way to help our teams improve is by coaching them. Before learning coaching, I thought that it was just the act of helping people set and achieve their goals. . . .

One Team Model for Adopting Scrum

To get developers and testers on the same page, it's imperative that an appropriate "handshake" is done between developer and tester at the beginning of the project, and it should continue throughout the sprints.

Can Agile and UX Go Hand in Hand with Ease?

There's a challenge in blending the UX process with software processes. Here are few challenges that are commonly seen with UX in an Agile environment -- and ways we found to solve them.

Consistency: Stay the Course

Let's take one of the accepted (if not explicitly stated) Agile values and see how the developer in an Agile environment supports it. . . .

The Making of a Good User Story

The size of a story should be as small as possible. I know it can be difficult to create smaller stories, but trust me, you will get better with time, and eventually you will see results that make you happy. Here are some tips.

Better Sprint Planning

Let's look in depth at the steps of a sprint planning meeting, what makes them fruitful, and the Five Commandments for successful sprint planning.

Fixed-Bid Projects

In traditional project management models, we know projects revolve around the triangle of scope, cost, and time. How do we use this in Scrum?

An Introduction to Agile Project Intake

Many factors play a part in the success or failure of any Agile initiative. We will present a series of articles to analyze the one factor that we deem most important: the intake of Agile projects.

Product Backlog Hygiene

Is your team facing difficulty in forecasting when projects will be completed? Are there large numbers of unestimated user stories in the product backlog? Does the planning meeting last several hours and is it full of confrontation?

Experiments with Agile Planning Levels

One of the fundamental Agile values is, "We value responding to change over following a plan," which has sometimes been misinterpreted to mean that we don’t need to plan an Agile project. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Star Wars Day Retrospective

Spring has sprung. Flowers are in bloom. Clocks have been adjusted to reflect Daylight Savings Time. All of these little indicators point to the undeniable fact that May the Fourth is just around the corner. . . .

Agility in Sports

I recently read an article about how Dhoni, captain of the Indian cricket team, deals with high-pressure situations in games. I've been thinking about how similar his thoughts are to the Agile Principles.

True Story

This is the true story of my team's beginnings with Scrum. . . .

Scrum Maturity Assessment

Have you ever assessed the way your team follows Agile/Scrum? We have. Beforehand I thought we were working to a higher standard of Agile/Scrum. But I felt the opposite after seeing the assessment results. . . .