Scrum Alliance

Invest in Building Trust

As someone once said, "Trust is the hardest thing to find and the easiest to lose." It is important that when a team has found trust among its members, that trust is vigilantly maintained.

Applying Common Sense to the Agile Framework

I'd like to share some steps that I've followed over the years to create Agile teams, resolve conflicts and problems, enhance communication, and improve the working environment.

Bringing Agility to a Distributed Agile Team

We all know that distributed teams are a reality in today's business world -- and that they pose certain challenges. Here are some effective techniques for making distributed teams more Agile.

Scrum Enterprise Budgeting

This article will create the bridge between estimations and planning and a sound budget. Although my focus is on budgeting for larger companies, I am sure that it can be useful for smaller companies as well.

Road Maps and Release Planning

This article addresses the evergreen subject of road maps and release plans; in other words, the "never-ending story."

Just-in-Time Agile for Presales

As an enterprise Agile coach, I was recently asked to work on a request for proposal (RFP) with a seven-member team whose past experience had raised many pain points. Here is how we addressed those problems using Agile practices.

Toward Better Daily Stand-Ups

Daily stand-up meetings are one of the best practices of Scrum. Here are some of the best practices that I have found to help teams make the stand-up meetings more effective and efficient.

​Are We Agile Enough for Change?

Our generation has seen the greatest technological advancements. But how mature are we at handling such change? I propose that Agile can help, at both the individual and the organizational levels.

Minimize Risks by Following Scrum Principles

Risks to projects should be identified, assessed, and addressed based on the probability of an occurrence and the impact in the event of the occurrence. Based on my experience, I strongly believe that each Scrum principle has built-in risk management capability.

Scrum in Entertainment

Recently I was approached to oversee my company's commercial shoots. As a working ScrumMaster, I immediately thought, "Can I use my training and skill set and apply it to the entertainment industry?"

Technical Debt: The Root Cause of Bankruptcy

Agile software development is like building a new house or maintaining an existing house. With every unit of code we add to the system, we keep adding technical debt.

Requirements Management in Scrum Projects

The success of any project depends on how the feature requirements are managed. What are the best practices in managing the requirements of a Scrum-based project?

Technical Definition of Done

Ideally, technical debt must be as minimal as possible. The reality is that it increases linearly with the number of sprints completed. How are we to manage technical debt?

Agile Pulse Checker

Agile has become the norm in today's software industry. But after a few cycles, we often see the process effectiveness taking a hit and organizations going back to the traditional way of working. This is when it may be time to consider an audit.

Making Sense of Feature Requirements as They Happen

Over the years I've often come across situations in which the team delivered a more complicated final product than necessary or desirable. Using Scrum, however, we uncover these misunderstandings much earlier -- and avoid them.