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The Top 5 Common Blocks in Scrum

At a recent conference of ScrumMasters and product owners from various product and services companies, five impediments, or blocks, were mentioned by almost all the teams. Let's look at each of these blocks.

When Multiple Team Members Vie for the ScrumMaster Role

In one of my Scrum coaching environments, two members of a newly formed team were interested in nominating themselves for the ScrumMaster role. They were equal in their eligibility, and both were enthusiastic and growing leaders.

Sprint Zero

Let me tell you why a Sprint Zero makes little to no sense at all.

Standing Up for Status

I can understand the confusion of new staff who are immediately told that stand-ups are not status meetings. Just because it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck . . .

One Sprint, Two Sprint, Me Sprint, You Sprint

The "Agile Avengers" are a pilot Agile marketing team, the first of its kind at our organization. We're fulfilling our goals while serving as agents of change across the whole organization, proving that Scrum isn't just for developers anymore.

Hybrid Agile Versus Agile

As a test and Agile consultant, I have come to realize the limitations of working in a supposedly "Agile" environment -- an environment some call "Hybrid" but that could be used to deliver business value incrementally, if properly coordinated.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

I have been a ScrumMaster for more than six years, but it has only been in the past year that I have really appreciated the importance of having a great relationship with my product owner.

Real-Time Sprint Retrospective

I conduct frequent Scrum training sessions, and I follow a particular approach to help the participants understand how a sprint retrospective can be used effectively in Scrum. Here's how I do it.

How to Execute Scrum Well

Everyone has preferred practices for executing certain aspects of Scrum consistently and well. What follows are mie.

Scrum in Construction

One of the big lessons learned in our retrospective of this project was about the importance of ScrumMasters.

The Power of Permission

Booting up a new team in Scrum can be a daunting process -- even more so when that team has never operated in any way remotely Agile. This story is all about a team I have been coaching for a little under a month. Their results have been astounding.

Fixed Mindset Versus Agile Mindset

In my 15 years' experience, I've come across people who think either in terms of the traditional Waterfall framework or the Agile framework. I have classified them as the Fixed Mindset and the Agile Mindset.

Agile Engineering

Here are the core XP practices that I believe are most important to pursue, along with sound knowledge of Scrum.

How I Got My Agile Wings

Being a ScrumMaster includes everything from interviewing candidates and onboarding to Agile coaching and release training. Getting to this stage of my career, however, has been quite an adventure.

Making Culture Change Easier

When a company begins its transformation to Scrum, the biggest challenge is the cultural shift required. You can do many things to make this cultural shift smoother, but here is one extremely effective strategy.