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Scaling Scrum

I personally had to deal with proving to higher management the increased output of a team during the past year, and I was seduced into micromanaging expanded time-logging of the team. . . .

Implementing Scrum in a Business Change Program

One of the most painful challenges I have seen in business change programs concerns aligning the approach taken for business change management or process analysis with the approach adopted to enable those change processes with IT solutions. . . .

Scrum Simulation

Castles of Cards is a game I have been successfully using for ScrumMaster trainings. Everyone seems to enjoy it and find it useful. . . .

Say No

Being a ScrumMaster, you will have to mentor your team in saying no. . . .

Don't Break the Framework Down

According to my observations, we usually look at the Scrum framework piece by piece, without considering the connections between the pieces.

Information Radiators and More

Imagine you are sitting in front of your television and watching a live ODI cricket match between India and Australia. Australia wins the toss and chooses to bat first. . . .

The Misinterpreted Developer

The term "developer" became so popular in the last decade that it became a synonym for "programmer." That's no surprise, given the way programmers welcomed the tag. However, "developer" has a broader sense in Scrum teams.

Finishing All Tasks

Sometimes it is apparent in software projects that not all the tasks have been completed when the sprint ends. . . . Here is list of some things that might help all of us achieve a much better outcome in our next product increment.

Scrum Adaptation in Clinical Data Management Practice

Agile project management is an attempt to make the process of software development better and more effective, and it has seen increasing popularity and success. Agile project management has also reached the clinical research industry as a need of the hour.

The Value of Scrum to Organizations

Despite numerous anecdotal claims of Scrum successes in many parts of the world, a lack of empirical evidence exists. . . .

The Pursuit of Enterprise Agility

More than a decade of coaching and training several large organizations on all things Agile has led me to believe that achieving enterprise agility begins with asking the right questions. . . .

The Scrum Retrospective

If a team has one bad iteration or sprint there is no need to panic; the team can use the retrospective meeting to see what needs to be changed, corrected, and improved in the next sprint.

Estimation in Revolution

Two different people may spend different numbers of person-days to finish the same project. The question, from a financial perspective, is whether we should value the work or the hours.

Why Do Agile Teams Fail?

Over the past decade, organizations have increasingly moved from traditional development methods to Agile ways of working. While some have been really successful in adopting Agile, some have failed miserably, and some have been partially successful yet have not realized Agile's full potential.

Definition of Ready (DoR)

The Definition of Ready (DoR) defines the ready state. In simple terms, a user story needs to meet some criteria (or conditions) before it can be picked up for a sprint.

T-Shaped Skills for Agile Teams

Teams with members who think in terms of individual roles end up with some members far ahead and others who are stuck with unfinished work. . . .