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Scrum Pictionary

"A picture is worth thousand words" --  this proverb triggered me to come up with a simple pictorial view to depict the Scrum framework in a funny yet meaningful way . . .

Agility in Fixed-Price Projects

This article will outline the most common challenges of implementing Agile in a fixed-price project and address how to overcome the challenges through best practices.

Object-Oriented Scrum

I was thinking about how to answer a common question from team members: "Why do you think Scrum works better than our current model (Waterfall)?" Then I thought of an example that is nearer to a developer's mind.

Responding to Change or Looking Forward to Good Change

Is Agile reactive? Is it a continuous rush of adrenaline to keep the body and mind always ready for situations that require change? Or is Agile our continuous, active endeavor to look for kaizen, or "good change," at appropriate times or opportunities?

“Do You Really Want to Suck Forever?”

As today's business environment becomes more complex and even hostile, it is no wonder that the simple tools fighter pilots use to win in their environment are helping companies survive in theirs. . . .  Here, then, are the ways modern fighter pilots can contribute to organizations using Agile.

An Alphabet Game for Agile Training

This is an activity that will introduce the concept of prioritization and working closely with customers to understand the actual features that they need.

Has Scrum Killed the Business Analyst?

The Scrum framework does not recognize the role of business analyst (BA). However, this should not be seen as a conspiracy against BAs. . . .

IT Business Analysts in Scrum

During one of my first projects as a new ScrumMaster, I was asked to interview for an IT business analyst for my team. My product owner's office was ten feet away from the team, so we were colocated with the product owner and I did not have need for a business analyst. . . .

Pulse Check: Agile Stand-Up Meetings (SUM)

Unlike the myth that says Agile projects can deliver "fast" and in a "short time," Agile projects actually do need efficient planning to deliver business value needs on time. . . . With that said, let's look at the role of one of the key activities in Agile executions, i.e., stand-up meetings (SUMs).

The Scrum Diet

After a recent doctor visit, I decided to go on a diet and had a flash of inspiration. This was going to be a project, so why not use Scrum?

Common Misconceptions and False Dichotomies in Agile

Companies and teams successfully implementing Scrum, or any Agile method for that matter, have much in common. . . . Teams struggling with Agile also share a lot of similarities in their behavior and thinking.

Distributed Retrospectives

When people are distributed geographically across various locations, doing the inspect-and-adapt cycle, i.e., the retrospective ceremony of the sprint, becomes a bit challenging. . . .

Backlog Dynamics

I've created a simple framework for capturing the data generated throughout the life of an Agile project, allowing me to successfully answer my stakeholders' questions and communicate the story of my Agile projects effectively.

Linking Project Management Methods and Frameworks

There are various project management methods, such as PMP, Prince2, Lean, Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC), Agile, etc. . . . This article outlines the similarities and potential linkages between the methods at a high level so that a project can deliver the best output (and outcome).

Transformation-Driven Agile Adoption Strategy

Agile is the bandwagon every organization wants to ride. . . . But old habits are hard to kill. With a transition-driven approach, an organization can quickly and quite seamlessly embrace Agile for product development, delivering benefits and realizing capabilities.

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Teams

Conflict is not a bad thing if it can be resolved effectively. If conflict is not handled effectively, the results can be damaging. . . .