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Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile

You're planning to move away from Waterfall and adopt Agile in your organization. This article offers some steps you can take as you make the transition.

Agile Transformation Means Personal Transformation

The real success of Agile is . . . a mind-set change. This won't happen just by imposing rules and regulations until the people working on the team feel the essence of it. How to transmit this essence and bring the best of Agile out in others is my discussion point.

Mapping and Costing Technical Debt

Technical debt is a great analogy, because it takes a fairly complicated technical topic and creates an abstract analogy that is easily understood by anyone who's ever borrowed money. . . .

Power Play

The irony is that Scrum projects eliminate the untenable role of a project manager. Does eliminating the role also imply that we can do away with the talents and responsibilities of a project manager?

Product Backlog

When any organization implements Agile, multiple challenges arise. By now, all of us know the common challenges, which I think are not necessary to highlight. Apart from the common challenges, however, I personally feel one area to focus on is product backlog management. . . .

Do's and Don'ts of Agile Retrospectives

One of the core Agile practices is to inspect and adapt. . . . We should work on maximizing the benefits of the retrospective meeting and adapt according to its outputs, or it will turn into a useless ritual.

Baked-in Virtues versus the Zombie Apocalypse

What I'd like to do in this article is take a moment to step back, appreciate, and even enjoy a repeated observation that, to me, is much like watching a movie about the zombie apocalypse. . . .

Retrospectives: Lessons-Learned Sessions by Another Name?

One of the most common comments I receive when coaching or training clients on Scrum is, "We already do retrospectives -- we just call them lessons-learned sessions." While this type of statement is undoubtedly a result of people attempting to make the unfamiliar familiar, it represents a lack of appreciation for how different retrospectives are. . . .

Project Manager to ScrumMaster

Generally it is assumed that a PM will take the role of ScrumMaster (SM) for projects that move to Agile. Moving from a well-defined process to one that evolves and improves, . . . a PM has to bridge a gap to take up the role of SM.

Agile Retrospectives

Out of the many Agile practices that they follow, retrospection is one of them -- and an important one. When we say "retrospective," here's what the team may have in mind . . .

Vision and Goal in Agile

To start, we have to understand the difference between a vision and a goal. . . .