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Scrum at Home

Here is why I recommend using Scrum as one of the simplest frameworks for organizing people and work in any industry, business function, or household.

An Agile Approach to Software Package Implementation

One area in software that has not yet been addressed adequately vis a vis Agile is the acquisition of packaged software, in spite of the large proportion of companies today that acquire and use it.

Knowledge Worker Efficiency Versus Effectiveness

Knowledge workers, who are hired to think, need spare time and space for thinking, learning, innovating, and creating solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders. Giving slack is especially important during a transformation to Agile practices.

Se encantando pelo Mundo Agile

Em meados de 2009 fui chamado para trabalhar em uma empresa que estava implantando o framework Scrum. Naquela época não tinha a menor ideia do que era desenvolvimento ágil de software e muito menos o que era Scrum. . . .

An Introduction to Scrum

I have prepared a PowerPoint presentation that introduces Scrum at colleges where I have given lectures on the Agile and Scrum frameworks.

The Responsibility of the ScrumMaster

Stories help us understand and remember things. This is a story about a problem we have faced often, especially as a non-Scrum or a non-self-organized Scrum team.

Watch the Dog

Scrum is all about visibility. But what do you do when important team tasks fall off the radar? We found a novel approach that worked for us.

Why Be Multiskilled?

Being multiskilled in the IT industry is the mantra for success these days. Why?

Effective Ways to Bid Agile Fixed-Price RFPs

Clients can gain a lot from implementing Agile for a fixed-price RFP. But what about vendors or service providers? They can lose money if they continue to accept changes. Thus it's important to have a method for handling fixed-price RFPs.

Tracking Technical Debt with an Information Radiator

We can find many examples of information radiators in our Agile environments: Scrum/Kanban boards, burn-down charts, burn-up charts, product backlogs . . . The list goes on and on. There are a few, though, that go unused yet can prove useful.

Which Avenger Are You?

Sprint Two has come and gone. We're all starting to get the hang of this Agile thing. Even the stakeholder is beginning to show signs of understanding the rules of engagement. . . .

Team Happiness Matters

A Scrum team's happiness matters. But with so many personalities on a team, how do you ensure happiness?

A Confused Tester in Agile World

My friend Mr. Snooper is one of the finest software quality assurance (QA) professionals I have ever known. He came to me distressed, however, thinking he was soon going to be jobless. . . .

Understand Customers’ Problems First

One of the teams I was brought in to "fix" was suffering from the terrible aftermath of delivering a new software version that completely missed the boat with its customers. What had gone wrong?


This article is based on my observations while working with large U.S. financial organizations in the Midwest. It documents my personal observations on the reluctance of large and complex organizations to take their first step toward Agility.

The Top 5 Common Blocks in Scrum

At a recent conference of ScrumMasters and product owners from various product and services companies, five impediments, or blocks, were mentioned by almost all the teams. Let's look at each of these blocks.

When Multiple Team Members Vie for the ScrumMaster Role

In one of my Scrum coaching environments, two members of a newly formed team were interested in nominating themselves for the ScrumMaster role. They were equal in their eligibility, and both were enthusiastic and growing leaders.