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Measuring Team Agility

Scrum has taken the industry by storm, and most IT organizations today are using some form of Agile/Scrum. But there are difficulties in implementing it effectively, and therefore in getting the benefits it offers when practiced correctly.

Building a Healthy Organizational Ecosystem

This article provides an overview of the situations faced in two of our teams' transition to Agile. We also cover the obstacles encountered, actions taken, and the phenomenal results achieved.

Agile BDD

One of the keys to successful Agile software projects is considering testing at the beginning. And one way of achieving this shift-left approach is to use behavior-driven development (BDD).

Shift-Left Testing

Without a shift-left test approach -- early and often -- developers and testers find it difficult or impossible to find defects until system parts are integrated in a system test. Why can't we reap the benefits of Agile?

The Monster of Cross-Functional Teams

There are situations where you find that it is not easy to create a cross-functional development team with a T-shaped skill set.

Agile Tools Can Be More than Overhead

I have often heard teams say that Agile tools add no value. I would like to share some ideas, based on my practical experience, about how and why I think these tools do add value and can be more than just overhead.

A Visual Communication Panel for Scrum

The adoption of Scrum involves a lot of changes for development teams who are used to Waterfall methods. Sometimes the communication between the team members can be the worst problem as they try to make these changes.

Same Time, Same Place

I still remember the days when my father asked me to study from 6 to 7 a.m. daily. I was too young to understand the logic behind this. . . .

How to Write the Best User Stories

The user story is the atomic functionality of what the user wants to achieve by delivering the business value under system constraints. In my opinion, using INVEST is the best way to write an excellent user story.

Agile Codependency

I have noticed a tendency among many ScrumMasters that can turn into a subtle but destructive anti-pattern. It stems from an important contradiction in the role of the ScrumMaster that is not immediately obvious to most people.

Backlog Refinement

Sometimes grooming the backlog for the current sprint is a challenge. Here's how I help get past certain stumbling blocks to backlog refinement.

Yin Yang en Agile

Les comparto la relevación que tuve esta semana. . . .

Managing the Growing Pains of Scaling an Agile Team

What happens when it's time to ramp up production from proof of concept to large-scale digital product? It's dangerous to assume that the same team patterns will be appropriate at every size of product development.

Manifesto for Twenty-First Century Management: Part I

I remember walking home from work one rainy evening in downtown Seattle. I was a happy man, and it wasn't an unusual day. I loved working at my company and my manager brought out the best in me. . . .