Scrum Alliance

An Insight into Joint Retrospectives

This article talks about joint retrospectives -- why they are needed, who participates, when and where they are held, how they are handled, and their benefits and challenges.

7 Mistakes During the Daily Stand-up Meeting

A couple of days back, a team member from a different Scrum team was complaining in the Scrum of Scrums that the daily stand-up meeting was a waste of time. . . .

Estimation First Aid from a Scrum Believer

This is the "first-aid kit" of my friend, who is an advanced consultant at a fast-growing IT consultancy. These are tips and tricks he discussed with me for helping teams that are struggling to deal with "time addiction."

Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile

You're planning to move away from Waterfall and adopt Agile in your organization. This article offers some steps you can take as you make the transition.