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Gamification of Retrospectives

High-performance Agile teams are always striving to achieve an effective retrospective -- but retros can become lackluster over time. Here's how I've used games to bring energy back to our retrospective meetings.

May the Force Be with You

Thinking about Scrum and Agile, and talking about them with others, has led to ideas that I'd like to share about how the FORCE acronym can help us adhere to best practices.

Agile Projects Requirements Management

In this article I present key focus areas and checkpoints that help us ensure that evolving and changing business requirements are managed effectively.

Achieving a Successful Scrum Implementation

Remember the scene in the movie "The Matrix," when the main character must choose the red pill or the blue pill? Choosing whether or not to invest fully in Scrum is much the same -- and here's why.

How Process Makes Perfect

When you're trying to transition teams to Agile, planning that process is the most important step for success. Planning the process is key

How Story Point Estimation Can Help Managers

Agile teams sometimes have a manager, who should be thought of as a stakeholder or business partner. Here's how good story point estimation can help managers plan and support their teams.

Do We Need a Star on an Agile Team?

I recently observed an Agile team electing "Team Stars." I don't like this idea and would like to explain my reasons here.

Scrum: The Power of Simplicity

I recently talked with a friend who was discouraged after five months of failing to implement Scrum with his team. Our talk prompted me to list some basic but important points that adopters frequently ignore.

Agile-Scrum Best Practices

Our team has experienced challenges during our forays into working with Scrum. So now we've compiled a list of best practices that have turned around our work and improved our success rates.

It Looks Easy, but It's Not

So you want to partner with an engineering services organization. What are the possible pitfalls you could come up against, and how do you avoid them?

Why Waterfall Was So Popular

Here is a look at why Waterfall was so popular in the early days of the software industry -- and how some of its effects still linger.

6 Ways to Make Using Agile on Client Projects Easier

Agencies need to understand that clients don't always come with extensive knowledge and experience of Scrum or Agile. Here are 6 tips to help you make agency-client relationships fulfilling and effective for everyone involved.

No Estimates

Consider the question of no estimates. I have been reading about it, I have been questioned about it, and I strongly feel like adopting the idea.