Scrum Alliance

Practicing Scaled Agile

The scaled Scrum model described in this article has become the benchmark for Agile practices in my organization.

A Clock for Scrum

One of the challenges coaches find with Scrum teams is their lack of discipline in observing the required meetings and schedules. I am sharing a simple and visual way to help with this, one my teams love and use.

How to Hold Effective Retrospectives in Agile

As ScrumMasters, we've all faced the challenge of trying to conduct effective sprint retrospectives in Agile. It's not easy to probe team members and help them share their concerns openly. So what can you do?

Emergent Design and the Intelligent Product Owner

An argument against emergent design is the possibility that it can lead to poor designs. An intelligent product owner can take charge and prevent these poor designs -- but how does he or she do it?

The Five-Point Estimate

If you are an Agilist, continuous improvement is in your DNA. Hence I would like to recommend an improved method of estimation, overcoming common challenges while fulfilling its purpose.

Why Scrum?

Here I'll discuss several ways in which Scrum can help improve productivity.

For Minimum Viable Products, Go with BV/E Squared

One of the shortfalls of the traditional ROI metric, as applied to MVPs, is that the high business value and low-effort levels are weighed proportionately to each other. Here's another approach.

Testing in Software Development

Testing is a vital part of software development. So why do we commonly call coders "software developers," but we don't call testers that as well?

Qualidade Estimativa de Software

Neste artigo irei contar um pouco sobre minha experiência utilizando o planning poker e seus ganhos.

My Scrum Diary

Today our PO was absent for the planning meeting. None of us wanted to cancel the sprint planning, so we held the meeting as usual. . . .

An Agile Framework by Any Other Name

I played rugby for a few semesters in college, and it never occurred to me that the name for an Agile process framework could have come from rugby's scrum. . . .

The CMMI Agile Adoption Model

Process maturity is a beautiful concept -- it helps assess the maturity of an organization's processes to improve the development of software. Here I'll discuss how to map Agile principles to process maturity levels.

Moving Past "I Don't Know"

After we've reached a place of acknowledging we don't know something and are less sure than we were just a moment before, where do we go from there? It's an important question, because if you don't have an answer, you're open to trouble.


I would like to discuss the specific topic of velocity, including some common misconceptions and suggestions for overcoming them.

What Is the Definition of Done?

Let us take a closer look at software projects and the Definition of Done (DoD). A common understanding within the team is necessary, but is it sufficient?

A Story About User Stories

I'm sure you've heard about user stories plenty of times. Hold your breath -- I'm going to tell you what they really are and how they are intended to be used!