Sprint Review

The Sprint Review meeting is designed to communicate the sprint product results to stakeholders outside of the team and to receive their feedback in aligning the product release to their expectations. While a team is transitioning to an agile process, or when there have been issues in the sprint that have impacted the outcome of the sprint, the sprint review may also incorporate feedback to the stakeholders on how the process is going or what went wrong.

Sprint Review Focus: “Are we building the right product?”
Sprint Retrospective Focus: “Are we building the product right?”

For a two week sprint, the sprint review meeting should only require about 30 minutes. If significant feedback is expected or issues surfaced during the sprint, plan for 60 minutes. It may be desirable to coordinate multiple teams’ sprint reviews into one meeting to gain more attention from the combined stakeholders and get more valuable feedback. It also helps to get other dependent teams to attend.

The entire team should participate in the sprint review to hear feedback directly from the stakeholders. The Scrum Master or Product Owner can setup and facilitate the meeting but all members of the Scrum Team should take an active role in demonstrating the new functionality. This can be rotated or shared over a number of meetings. Minimize time (no more than a couple hours) preparing for the meeting. PowerPoint presentations of the high-level release and sprint information help provide context for the meeting, but demonstrating product functionality, and receiving direct feedback should be the core focus of the meeting.

The output from a sprint review may include changes to the release definition - added or removed stories in the release, changes to prioritization in stories for the release, changes to the resources on the team, or other escalated organizational impediments that may be hindering the team’s productivity. Any release plan changes, decisions or other issues should be documented.